i live a charmed life

needless to say, i’ve done a poor job maintaining this blog. so much life has happened since i shared here that i would be leaving my job to attend seminary full time. 

all the changes i’ve experienced have led me to do a lot of reflecting. 

i have a wonderful marriage with a wonderful person. and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby that we get to take care of. can hardly believe that we started a family together.

i live near a lot of good friends. i get to see these people all the time.

i get to go to seminary and pursue stuff i’ve always been really passionate about.

as an asian male with endorsements in special ed and english, i know that i have a decent shot at getting a job anytime i need one.

my loved ones are (generally speaking) pretty healthy. nothing scary going on these days.

all-in-all, i’m taken aback by how happy i feel. i don’t want to present a too-rosey portrait of my life, but if i’m honest with myself, things are really good, and i feel blessed and fortunate. 


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