michelle, mom-ified

to kill time at the airport this weekend, carrie and i hung around the bookstores to read magazines. and as we perused all the covers, i was amazed by the sheer number of articles about michelle obama. 

there were articles about her perfectly toned arms, her fashion sense (j-crew must be really cashing in..), and her romantic getaways with the president. one article was about michelle as a wide-eyed woman beginning her new, luxurious life in dc. some columnists debated if it’d be more appropriate for michelle to wear sleeved garments; others praised her mothering skills.

all the while, i was left wondering where’s the real michelle obama, because i’m not convinced that this “mom-ified” version actually exists. where’s the michelle that campaigned with her husband, the one whose oratory skills rivaled the president’s? where is the brilliant individual who earned degrees from princeton and harvard law, who worked at a big law firm and a big hospital, who held strong political opinions, and who had a big powerful voice? you wouldn’t know it from reading her headlines, but i suspect she uses her cognitive abilities for far more than just fashion choices.

sadly, that michelle is gone. while i recognize that there are political reasons why the white house wants her to be portrayed a certain way, i can’t help but think she could act as a role model for more individuals than just women who want nicer arms.


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