sarah palin’s interview with katie couric

this is just embarrassing.


3 thoughts on “sarah palin’s interview with katie couric

  1. embarrassing? more like humiliating.

    palin’s interview skillz:
    1. when the question is not understood, repeat what you’ve said earlier, even if it is unrelated.
    2. when step 1 doesn’t work, repeat more insistently.
    3. when steps 1-2 fail, try inserting random terms like “9/11,” “war on terror,” or “foreign oil.”
    4. when asked for specifics, be even more vague. it throws off the interviewer.


  2. i’m not quite sure if she ever answered one question directly….oi. i’d be so embarrassed after that.

    also for step 3…insert “john mccain is a maverick”…….

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