political coverage = sports + reality tv

i recently got cable tv, and every now and then, I tune into the cable news channels to watch coverage of the presidential election.  

and today, i decided to watch some coverage of tonight’s debate.  

it sounded strangely reminiscent of the weekly pre-game show for monday night football.  

they were talking about tactical strategies. obama should attack mccain by doing this. mccain should counter obama’s attack by doing that. mccain looks like he’s going to take risks going down field, obama looks like the more confident player.

then, they cut to a sideline reporter who asked the screaming crowd decked out in the paraphernalia of their favorite presidential team who they thought would win, at which point everyone goes nuts screaming their heads off, high fiving one another, and spilling their beer all over themselves.  

msnbc talked about who had the home field advantage. cnn actually came up with a live scoring system.

after the debate tonight, there will be much discussion about who won the debate. then, there will be a lot of political posturing, maneuvering, spinning, and other worthless PR moving designed to dupe the thoughtless among us. 

then, on november 4, america will be polled to determine who will be voted off the island.


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